Here at No 11, we are on a bit of a mission. We want to make people feel fabulous. 

Ok, so most of us realise we're never going to look like Cheryl Cole or Julia Roberts, but women are so hard on themselves! We are constantly fed airbrushed images of 'perfect' women, and it's starting to happen to the guys too. 

We can talk to you about your hair, find out how we can make the most of what you've got. It may be product, you may need a lesson in blowdrying. The brush you're using? The wrong colour tone for your skin, face shape, lifestyle. We may only 'do hair' but we have many tools up our sleeves :) 

Perhaps you're stuck in a make-up rut? Book in for a make-up lesson with Rachel & she can go through your make-up bag and offer you a completely un-biased non sale run through about what you are using and how you are applying it - she can recommend various options and tricks to make the most of your beauty.