How to get de-tangled beautiful hair


Ok, so first of all, let me say sorry for our pathetic attempt for blogging - we have been so busy in the salon making people beautiful (or more beautiful) that I haven't had time, however, stick with me we are going to try and do something at least once a month...

SO! How to keep your hair in fab condition? Here are some top tips

1) A silk pillow - these are fabulous for reducing friction on your hair as you toss and turn in bed. Especially good for those who suffer with baby hair round the hair line. These are great as they have a silk top side and cotton underside so they don't have you sliding everywhere. 

2) Tie your hair up in different positions when you go to bed - less stress is caused with the hair tucked out of the way, however make sure you vary the position, pig tails, low pong, high bun, so the hair isn't stressed in the same place to often. Also stay away from hair ties with metal on them - there is no excuse as even Primark stock these great things! 

3) Condition- invest in a deep conditioner, lather it on and leave for at least 10 minutes once a week. Stay away from Head and Shoulders unless you need it - and whatever you do stay away from 2in1 shampoo and conditioners. Can you reverse a car at the same time as driving? No, so don't ask your hair to try and do a similar thing. The shampoo opens the cuticle to get in and clean it, the conditioner smoothes and closes the cuticle. Never forget to condition after shampooing! 

4) Take your time when brushing your hair, especially when wet. Tangle Teezers are amazing and you can get them in Boots. You may love pulling through your hair at the speed of light but it will only cause you flyaways, static and split ends down the line. Especially amazing for bleached hair - well worth the money. 

5) Care for your hair - if you have long hair that gets whipped around in the wind, invest in carrying a little brush to help de-tangle before it gets really bad! Taking two minutes for a quick lunch time brush can save you pain later on.

6) Invest in a good product. A serum, a heat protector, some kind of help for your hair will protect the ends and a little bit of serum or oil will help the ends stay sleek and smooth.

We hope this helps a little bit - try doing some or all of these tips and after a few weeks you should notice an improvement. If you need any help with product we have some fantastic Davines and other bits we can help you with.